Rugged Notebook

Simeo Technologies provides rugged IT solutions which include Rugged notebooks, Rugged Mobile Computers and Rugged GPS systems. These rugged IT Equipment are designed for Field Engineers and other people working in harsh environments or people working in environments which can result in accidental drop of laptops from high altitude or into water.

Rugged laptops and Mobile Computers are designed to withstand these harsh conditions with spill resistant keyboard, anti-shock hard disk, Magnesium alloy casing, among other rugged features.


  • Water Resistant
  • Shock Resistant
  • Dust Proof
  • Sunlight Readable Display
  • Reliability

Data Center

As the backbone of your data center, having the right server architecture in place is crucial. The digital transformation of business has only made this more important. This transformation is likely the cause of your most demanding and mission-critical workloads. Thus, it has become more than just setting up any server in your data center; it’s about understanding the business problems and capacities to create a full server solution.

At Simeo Technologies, we help you get the most out of your data center infrastructure. From blade to enterprise-class servers, we work with you to design, configure and implement the best server solution to run your most important business applications.

We’ve got the expertise to configure server solutions for many of your most complex technical needs, including:

  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things (IOT)

Access Control

Simeo offers flexible, integrated access control solutions to meet your security and business requirements. Efficiently and reliably manage multiple access points to control risk, improve business efficiency, ensure business continuity and increase profitability. Intelligent data management keeps your information safe.

With Simeo’s Access Control solution, you can:

  • set door and zone entry rules
  • monitor access points to know ‘where, when and why’ people are on your site at all times
  • proactively manage site access by integrating with existing HR systems to share information about clearances, credentials, inductions, required permits, licenses and other competencies for card holders
  • automatically enforce safety policies
  • welcome, manage and control access for visitors, ensuring your duty safety obligations are met
  • respond rapidly with a reliable and effective emergency management system, including lockdowns and alerts
  • control outputs such as lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning after- hours, with a smart system managing facilities based on who is on site
  • manage intruder alarms with optional handover to alarms monitoring stations.


Industry-Standard Servers

We partner with multiple vendors to offer a selection of Intel-based X86 servers that match your environment. Industry-Standard Servers offer:

  • Speed: quick decision-making capabilities and 3x more memory capacity.
  • Agility: long-term flexibility, modular design, supports processor and memory upgrades.
  • Resilience: the advantages of cloud computing to mission-critical applications.

Midrange Servers

Midrange servers offer an integrated operating environment with a reputation for exceptional security and business resilience. Midrange Servers offer:

  • Support for multiple applications through stability and integrity.
  • Exceptional business resilience and growth.
  • Security with auditing and compliance capabilities.
  • Simplified operations and management.

Enterprise-Class Servers

We deploy High end Data centers and server solutions that meet international industry standards. Datacenters are installed with Raised Floor; fireproof partitioning, automatic fire suppression system, cooling system, biometric security locks, IP CCTV Surveillance, Clean Power Backup and management software. We equip the data center with appropriate Servers and storage solutions.

Threat Management

Protect your network with Unified Threat Management (UTM) from Sophos or Fortinet to provide a comprehensive set of integrated network security technologies designed to defend against external threats, while also offering protective measures from the inside of the network out.

UTM also provides rogue device detection and internal vulnerability scanning consolidated into a single appliance.

UTM services reduce the burden of network security management, eliminate fragmented network security controls and conform to compliance and audit requirements. As a fully managed solution, Unified Threat Management extends well-beyond traditional services found in competing offerings.

UTM service includes the following component support:

  • Stateful Firewall
  • Deep Inspection Intrusion Prevention
  • Web & Email Anti-Virus
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Rogue Device and Wireless Access Point Detection
  • Internal Vulnerability Scanning
  • Virtual Private Networking
  • Gateway anti malware
  • Multiple link Management
  • Bandwidth Management
  • On-appliance reporting