Having a structured and established Backup and Disaster Recovery plan is essential to any business.

Simeo offers backup solutions to cover all eventualities:

Simeo’s Back-up is a multi-tier backup and disaster recovery solution.

What would you do if disaster struck your business? Protecting your data and maximizing up time requires a solution that not only delivers speed and resilience, but also assures maximum reliability if disaster strikes and you need to recover your data quickly.

Multi-tier Backup Solutions in one Managed System

To guarantee a complete backup solution we implement multi forms of backup: Local backup - a versatile backup solution able to be rotated and kept off-site if necessary

Offsite Remote backup - backing up to an off-site server ensures that you can recover your data even in the case of a physical disaster, theft or corruption. The above system provides the basis of this service. To ensure the backups are continually running, a 24x7 monitoring system is put in place to check for any failures or errors in the backup routines. With email reporting and easy Dashboard access you can stay informed with the state of your backup.

Disaster Recovery

This comprehensive backup routine will better enable us to assist you with any form of disaster recovery in the event of data loss caused by physical damage, theft or corruption.