As the backbone of your data center, having the right server architecture in place is crucial. The digital transformation of business has only made this more important. This transformation is likely the cause of your most demanding and mission-critical workloads. Thus, it has become more than just setting up any server in your data center; it’s about understanding the business problems and capacities to create a full server solution.

At Simeo Technologies, we help you get the most out of your data center infrastructure. From blade to enterprise-class servers, we work with you to design, configure and implement the best server solution to run your most important business applications.

We’ve got the expertise to configure server solutions for many of your most complex technical needs, including:

Big Data & Analytics

Massive data demands are becoming the norm for many businesses. Fast performance is a necessity in order to manage data from multiple sources and derive insights quickly and accurately. Our experienced data center server team helps design solutions that are optimized for the high-performance computing requirements and handle the most scalable analytics platforms in the industry.

Cloud Computing

To keep up with the ever-changing market, IT leaders must continually drive business innovation and control costs. That’s why effective IT organizations leverage hybrid cloud computing. This solution accelerates delivery of innovative business applications, ensures continuous transformation, and provides faster insights to create better business results. Our team works with you to build a robust, secure virtualized foundation that will prepare you for an efficient cloud deployment.

Internet of Things (IOT)

Often Internet IoT data originates outside of the traditional data center infrastructure.  Massive volumes of data are generated in the field presenting a unique opportunity for many businesses. Our team builds the connection between the field and your data center, allowing your team to quickly access and extract insights from the data.