We understand that not every company needs a whole comprehensive proactive IT support plan.  Maybe you already have a small IT staff or work with another IT partner and are just looking for support and expertise with a specific project, like a system refresh. Maybe you're just looking to outsource your smaller "help desk" tasks from your current IT team so they can focus on more mission-critical projects. Or maybe you're a small business and you simply don't need the same IT resources as a larger company.  We would never want to push services on a client that they wouldn't need, which is why we also offer more limited IT Support options.

Our IT Support Services;

On Demand Support

Not every company needs proactive or managed IT support. For some businesses, calling your IT provider when you need help or when you know you have an upcoming need is more economical and more valuable. This type of support is good for the smaller business or companies that do not rely heavily on their IT systems to keep their business running. Simeo had been doing time and materials support from day one and we understand that just because you are not ready or in need to engage your outsourced IT solution provider at a high level does not mean you should sit waiting days for help.

IT Project Support

Do you have an IT project that you don’t have the time or the on-site skillset to implement successfully?

Our engineers follow industry "best practices" and make sure our clients take appropriate steps to insure the most common issues are avoided in the design/planning phase. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of any project implementation or rollout and it is critical to a successful project.

From network infrastructure projects to virtualization and storage projects or system upgrade projects, we can provide the expert skillsets necessary to make these projects a success.

Staff Augmentation

Are you a solo IT personel or do you have an IT department but need help? Problems that arise day to day from having any kind of IT system whether large or small should be addressed in a timely fashion. Sometimes you need help and we offer fully customizable support plans; your users will have access to our remote helpdesk team. Your employees should not have to wait to have an issue addressed. Let Simeo take care of these day to day issues while you focus on the larger IT picture for your company.