Industry-Standard Servers

We partner with multiple vendors to offer a selection of Intel-based X86 servers that match your environment. Industry-Standard Servers offer:

  • Speed:  quick  decision-making  capabilities  and  3x  more  memory capacity.
  • Agility: long-term flexibility, modular design, supports processor and memory upgrades.
  • Resilience:  the  advantages  of  cloud  computing  to  mission-critical applications.

Midrange Servers

Midrange servers offer an integrated operating environment with a reputation for exceptional security and business resilience. Midrange Servers offer:

  • Support for multiple applications through stability and integrity.
  • Exceptional business resilience and growth.
  • Security with auditing and compliance capabilities.
  • Simplified operations and management.

Enterprise-Class Servers

We deploy High end Data centers and server solutions that meet international industry standards. Datacenters are installed with Raised Floor; fireproof partitioning, automatic fire suppression system, cooling system, biometric security locks, IP CCTV Surveillance, Clean Power Backup and management software. We equip the data center with appropriate Servers and storage solutions.